I’ve been doing mathematics like crazy lately. But now that I’m nearing the end of my side of the modeling, I’ve decided to start a new blog.

07:46 (AM) – Should I Mention the Previous Radio Silence?

I don’t think so. But I only feel like blogging when I have something to write about, which is when my thought patterns are overlapping.

Blogging I consider a negligible hobby. But with the prospect of my nostrils cannot handle my upstairs neighbors anymore, I intend to do some serious blogging on my iPad on the train.

08:17 (AM) – Okay I Don’t Know

Like seriously you can’t tell me that I will be evicted sooner than my upstairs neighbors. So we might as well leave together and stick together? If there is purpose in our togetherness, though.

It would be a waste of mathematical modeling if it would not go through. But it is very non-conformist mathematics, so if people want to be pussy about it I can’t confide in them because that could get me killed.

08:26 (AM) – What is Next?

So there’s the model of the market and there is a general task list which, when executed, brings me a step closer to the establishment of a new neoclassicist economy. The documents are available on the media hub. I don’t think I’ll publish any new documents any time soon.

I want to do more with the models, but I refuse to go past my own authority. I was considering to apply the model to the day value of Tesla stock, but bought value I consider not displayed clearly enough in the mainstream models.

09:23 (AM) – I need my Santa

The greatest hurdle currently is the idea of temporarily sharing one home with people until a large building project is finished. Like after two weeks of holiday I already feel like shooting people, so how would I survive the time of an entire building project. I know my dear Santa has the creative proposals.

Underlyingly, there is still a ci for every square meter of land to cover, which has not been officially documented yet. If the algorithm is for men only, it would be easier, given that they can’t skip out on work as easily.

09:37 (AM) – I need The Target

The Target would give me a summary of the extent to which “the greatest” are able to give shape to the concept creatively. The rest is all mine. I don’t want to step on their toes. Because I’ve been having higher expectations.

It should safely be private subject matter until we’re doing the in-person conference. There are many hours of planning that lie ahead so that is why I think it is most efficient to stay together.

Before that, The Target states the personal objectives that must be completed before one is ready to collaborate with me. I’ve had a head start.

I can’t wait before my iPad is here. This phone screen is so tiny. And the battery runs out like every few hours. Given the inflation causes people to not have money for commuting, I think we’re still buying old technology. But like A4 format for a portable computer seems ideal for the “travel light” (into a bunker) kind of atmosphere I need to seem to fit myself into.

10:05 (AM) – I need Pole Dancing

The Target is my only pathway to pole dancing. It is the only way for me to start over. To the Lebensraum in which my dancing pole fits. To there vent the adrenaline from my creative process.

This Target should follow the bank’s procedures, use citizen’s terminology and be broadcasted by bunker broadcasting.

16:52 (04:52 PM) – But what is Next?

There are no non-household related priorities that require my attention. Next is whatever I choose it to be. Some of the words I heard when I woke up were “Greek Mythology”, which made me decide to, when I have my iPad, download a collection of Greek mythology stories and use it for future reference.

Had I not heard those words, chances are small it would have become an objective. Does it then require my accreditation? Honestly, I don’t believe this does, given that it is not priority related. It is just to keep myself busy, but it does make it to my to-do list.

The Technologicus’ programming for Monday’s television could definitely include a cartoon series that uses classical mythology to contextualize the happenings of the market share of my Technologicus.

But what is next? Now that I have this blog, whatever will be next you will read here first. Like literally first. With the triggered groepsverkrachtingen lingering, for as long as the empire has not been built, we will be in war mode and in war mode I intend to be blogging.

If the future owner of the Central Bank, an individual monopolist, intends to approve the conceptualization of what is next for you, that is because I chose him.

If the neoclassicist Stalinist economy is seen as nothing more than a men’s dream, it never will be. It’s very annoying.

17:39 (05:39 PM) – What is Public Controversy?

This is not a theoretical question, so it is perfect for me to answer.

I don’t want to resort to describing my every minute again, because concretely speaking, nothing is next. Common goals do not exist (anymore). Instead, I shall describe my every second in the persistence of I’m-not-just-ISTJ’ing-you-into-common-goals. I don’t want to despise people (anymore). May it be Wildcatty.

This is not healthy, but I would (literally) rather commit suicide than be part of the public debate. I would get waaaay too physical, man. This, however, seems to be inevitable.

18:00 (06:00 PM) – New Routine

I think the primary difference between men and women is that where men ask themselves how versatile they can be, women seek consistent insurance. That is why I’ve made a template for my annual agenda, while my upstairs neighbors are starving.

For both men and women, however, a lack of versatility makes a zombie. Neighbor A is of the regal explorer’s descent, fed up with lack of oversight. Neighbor B is of elitist owner’s descent, fed up with lack of purpose. Trying to debunk my agenda template is a waste of time. My future holidays must be spicy memories.

In my new routine, I say goodbye to:

  • Staring at concrete.
  • The chance of annoyedly wanting to get people out of my personal space.
  • My Nickleback complaint about “The Incredibles, Part 5588444”.

19:53 (07:53 PM) – Failsafe

Men most enjoy to explore their limits without focus on insurance. That is why TV programs such as “Help, mijn man is klusser” exist.

I think all women enjoy special occasions with a slight sense of thrill. Trailing insurance related failsafes (subtly).

I am certain that no one else would put emphasis on annual agenda template like I have. Therefore category 3 must match their agendas with the same thematics as my template.

This, thus, means that until the Desideratum there is time for your creative process limitlessly and after that is the period of lecturing, where I will tell you that you must complete matching your agenda to mine.

20:07 (08:07 PM) – I am not used to being Strict

I am not used to being strict, but I must strictly enforce that all of my encounters must be documented (long) in advance. In the room for error there still is, I sleep with papa and train my Praesens into Regent. We will be doing advanced essential mathematics. =.=

The main differences between category 1, category 2 and category 3 are that category 1 is the insurance (kill me), category 2 is the relationship between the insurance and category 3 is wildly limitless. I want to be able to condition all of the wild into functions of ci. Am I crazy for considering women for the same thing?

20:17 (08:17 PM) – A Simulation

First there is documentation of the attitude of the principal towards the theoretical field of his observation. Then is stated how they will achieve to make insurance. Then they lecture on their insurance specialism, while my Praesens lectures you on how to apply your creative process to the insurance and I lecture you on the formatting for your creative process applied to the insurance.

After that comes the moment of submission and then we start to physically build an empire. But then people must commit themselves to their own formatting while I will insist on eating popcorn.

Besides Greek mythology, thus, what is next is, with the avoidance of stepping on Your Panopticum, thinking about how much more formatting I can do before I meet my Praesens.