The fascism of telling you what you must do in detail must be unthinkable by now. It is known how long my interest in your existence lasts. Here, I state what should be done in one’s own agency to establish a situation in which the chances of my interference are minimal.

16:07 (04:07 PM) – Pitfalls

Overall, I want my interference to be minimal. That means that every time I am invoked, that is a form of interference. Beyond that, you are on your own.

These are, from my perspective, the worst things that could happen when you are on your own. I would not even want to interfere in these circumstances. I would say that all hope is lost.

  • People gain status and live passively from request to request.
  • I am summoned for meaningless activity.
  • People abandon their parallel to my annual agenda template.

16:21 (04:21 PM) – Building Project

I want to expose myself to the turbulence of a building project only once. Turbulence, because it is a time in which there is no settlement. There is settlement when the project is finished and I want to settle only once.

This is a special building project. In its structure is insured my minimal interference. It is the building project that establishes my neoclassicist Stalinist economy. Fun for all of us, because you are free to design your own workshop.

Phase 1: “The Initiative”

This is not a classical building project. Consider it the building of an entire city, but as a singular building project. The businesses that are established in this city are the central theme in the initiative phase, because when finished, there is my neoclassicist Stalinist economy.

Phase 2: “Concept Design”

In phase 2, the initiatives of the inhabitants are collected and made into a concept design. Here must be simulated the neoclassicist Stalinist economy. Any errors must be collected and reported. Solutions to the errors must be found.

Phase 3: “Definitive Design”

When all the errors are taken out of the concept design, there is the definitive design. Simulation of functionality here should be unnecessary, because the definitive design must be free of error.

Phase 4: “Preparatory Phase”

Here, based on the definitive design, a schedule is made for the building project in practice. It must be complete, a manual for the completion of the construction of the empire from start to finish. I must here know how much time I have for my 37 drawings.

Phase 5: “Construction Phase”

The manual made in the preparatory phase is executed in the construction phase. When it is done, people are moving in to the neoclassicist Stalinist system.

Phase 6: “Moving In”

The citizen is moving in to his initiative in practice. He must be ready to do business.

17:13 (05:13 PM) – Common Objectives

I would say the more key figures from the neoclassicist Stalinist economy stay at the temporary residence, the lesser is noticeable how important my 37 drawings are.

What is not as oversee-able in this oversight, is the harmony between the documentation of the empire and the documentation of the citizen. If I do not define the boundaries hereof before I meet my Praesens, I would have to set aside my 37 drawings to find myself in the worst of klusser spaces.

I have been so bold to define the specialism and purpose of a handful of men and call them my staff. They will set the standards for the other men, who will define their specialism and purpose themselves. It is so ideal for the minimization of my presence.

Documentation would be purposeless if it were not overseeable. That is why every dossier starts with the introduction of one’s philosophy, followed by the application of one’s philosophy to the same common objectives, followed by theorizing a standard, from which the documentation of the citizen follows.

Before the Building Project

Before phase 1 of the building project, the citizen must be ready to propose his initiative, to be included in the concept design. This must be done with standard formatting. Given that I minimize my presence, I will say a couple of things.

After the Building Project

One must be able to live through the building project passively. Otherwise you people are too unreliable. All of the complex reasoning must have been done before phase 1.

After the building project, one must be ready to keep the value of “x” in between maximally “b”, and cycle it into “0”. This too minimizes my presence.

There is plenty in between the empire and the citizen that is still left undefined. More about this tomorrow.