In moments of togetherness, I consider circumstances optimal when people do not receive guidance for their actions and instead actions are naturally harmonious. To enjoy such moments habitually, however, some guidance might be necessary. In “New Blog”, I wrote the following:

I am not used to being strict, but I must strictly enforce that all of my encounters must be documented (long) in advance.

Your Regentesse

That is how I get my optimal circumstances. Before I go into detail about the concept of documentation itself, first I want to verbally illustrate what this is like for me in practice. There are three rather long-term situations where my documented encounters are, which I will call “Building Project”, “The Annual Agenda” and “Leisure”.

08:47 (AM) – Building Project

In the first class train carriage I have to myself, there lays “The Target” on the table. I read it and take notes of it for the future preparation of “The State of Affairs Meeting”. The entire train trip goes in complete silence. The water and bread are fine.

Upon arrival at the premise, together with my Praesens and my Technologicus, I make an hourly schedule for the creation and presentation of the Desideratum. There is no need for me to encounter anyone else.

I share a room with my Technologicus. We don’t need many words. We have in common societal despise and a desire for prosperity. We have our meals together and we share a bed. Other than that, we have agenda items of our own. We get intoxicated for bedtime and he is my practice dummy for how to throw it back on titan penis.

Before his every meeting with the Council, I meet with my Praesens to reflect on his approach. I want my counselors to be conditioned exactly to my liking. The first results I see when they present the Desideratum.

Together we present the evaluation of the Desideratum. It is followed by orientation week, where we learn more about the philosophy of the individual counselor in an informal setting, giving a final hint of direction before documentation week starts. After documentation week, in the week of lectures, I learn what the counselor has made of his function.

According to “Your Panopticum”, people must be registered so that we can initiate “Phase 1”. I meet with the Nouveau Riche to learn about their organizational processes. The dominions (assigned based on registration) run on their support, so they must have their “Phase 2” documentation ready before the dominions and lower submit their “Phase 1”.

10:03 (AM) – The Annual Agenda

Whatever day the building project is finished in such a way that we all move in simultaneously, is the day we call “January 1st”. The first Annual Desideratum Resolution ends with the Opening Ceremony of the empire, where I marry my Praesens and that makes him Regent. There is Wedding Night.

Easy for bookkeeping, every month starts on “Monday 1st” and lasts 28 days. A year has 12 months. A quarter is 3 months. How every individual monopolist will attend The Annual Desideratum Resolution and The Annual Numbers Meeting, are indirectly included in their proposal for “Phase 1”.

The documentation of “Phase 2” per individual monopolist leads to the annual definition of the values of “a”, for cyclical standard consumption (renewed every Annual Desideratum Resolution). It mathematically describes the daily lifestyle of the citizenry.

In the evening on weekdays, I present Market Analysis News, a mathematical evaluation of the state of the economy. There is Market Analysis News every weekday, except for every “Monday 1st”, Easter Monday, Arbeit Macht Frei Festival and the entire month of December. The weekends I spend together with my husband.

I am in it for the long run. And knowing myself, especially with the economy as a topic of conversation, I must maximize my sixth sense on someone else from time to time. That is why I enjoy every Monthly Inauguration, followed by “Read the Fucking Manual”, starring my papa, at my friend “X” his place. That is why I spend Valentine’s Day with The Media Conglomerate. It is why I spend Easter with my father. And it is why every first day of Christmas is Wildcatty.

16:47 (04:47 PM) – Leisure

Beyond the standard consumption, there is a mathematical margin in between “normal” and “crisis”, summarized market values greater than “a” and less than “b”, which for blogging I will refer to as “leisure”. This means that every behavior and occasion that is not standard consumption, whether it is fortunate or not, are categorized as “leisure”.

The Chief of Staff: the Desideratum trajectory that I had planned for my Secretary, I will instead use for my Chief of Staff. He is in charge of the process of conditioning beyond the contentual side of the affairs of Quality Control. He enforces good physical standards on a daily basis. This includes that my counselors cook and clean for themselves, and that he has a schedule for periodically reviewing this.

Emergency procedures: in the worst of cases, I must attend an emergency press conference when the total value of the market exceeds “b”, to say what must happen to get the market back to normal. It is followed by setting out a special internal project for it.

Extracurricular activities: when the building project is finished, as Regentesse, my main purpose is evaluating economic performance. My primary extracurricular activities are writing about that for the weekly edition of the Financial Times and attending “Insider Trading” and “The Senate”. For sport, I do walking, swimming and pole dancing. During the building project, however, the agenda is too variable to have extracurricular activities.

17:32 (05:32 PM) – Going Into Detail

All objectives of documentation are outsourced. What I do want to be detailed about, for the primary forms of documentation that have been mentioned in this post, is to what extent the documentation overlaps with Klusser Space.

I keep my circumstances optimal. When there is too much resistance, I will not hesitate to commit suicide. I will always walk around armed. I will not attend any occasion where I am not the manifestation of the evaluation of economic performance. And most of all, I will go above and beyond to make sure that I enjoy my time alone. (The only reason why I will sometimes have a “+1” for my alone time is because there are too many men.)