In “Harmony”, I verbally illustrated what it is like to live through encounters that have been documented long in advance, from my perspective. The coming posts will be about the formatting of the documentation behind the encounters. This one “Building Project”.

16:59 (05:59 PM) – Desideratum

The Desideratum is part of “Public Controversy”. The outcome of many unforgivable things. That is the “State of Affairs”. The side-effects of what is unforgivable must subside by means of the Desideratum. Theoretically, it involves everyone who has been affected.

After everyone has read the Desideratum, they must understand the mutual circumstances of the affected people and understand the mutual responsibilities they have to improve the situation. Everyone who wants to get a house from the “Building Project”, must conform to the moral code stated in the Desideratum.

In summary, the Desideratum is the definition of the pathway to the following objectives:

  • Making a watchlist for the people who claim that they want to participate in the building project.
  • Collecting the “phase 1” documentation of every individual participant.
  • Quality Control defines its standard procedures for education, certification and evaluation based on the type of people who are participating.
  • The creation of the “phase 2” documentation.

21:48 (09:48 PM) – Building Project

Phase 1: the credentials for the economy of perfect market coverage per citizen, provided by the citizen.

Phase 2: dominions assigned, designs made ready for simulation, provided by the citizen.

Phase 3 – 6: a guide for the entire building project. Central organization provides general formatting per business, the rest is up to the citizen.