“Leisure” is the photo collage of Dead Rotterdammers on the cover of “Poepen op je Grafsteen (on the maintenance of formal relationships)”. “Leisure” is the well known “Sidney”, a mossel, and “Hunter Biden”, on the barbecue at The Annual Desideratum Resolution Opening Festival Edition. “X” must be “0”. Everything else is extracurricular.

16:31 (04:31 PM) – Business Activities

“The Holidays” are business activities that count towards the “b” margin. There is Easter, there is Labor Day, there is Arbeit Macht Frei Music Festival (4 years after opening year), there is Christmas. Preparatory transactions too must be logged.

16:40 (04:40 PM) – Personal Activities

One’s extracurricular activities are part of one’s “Phase 1 Documentation (Respect)”, given that there is import and export needed to establish the activity.

For example, let’s say one’s extracurricular activity is “De Huttenbouw” and one practices this once every two weeks. For “De Huttenbouw”, wood, nails and assemblation tools must be imported, for the export “extracurricular activity”.

16:47 (04:47 PM) – Quality Control

Quality Control is the road map to abundance. After the building project, Quality Control is Chief Abundance Management, as the institute that supports The Central Bank. Documentation must be in order before things get Wildcatty.