Wikipedia says:

Evaluation is a systematic determination of a subject’s merit, worth and significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards.


Evaluation is the greatest insurance of safety. There is reflection, in case safety was erroneous the lessons learned minimize the chance of reoccurrence of the same error. That is evaluation in hindsight. There is phasal evaluation, for the maximization of successful completion. A phase must be completed to its maximum potential before one may move on to the next. There is preliminary evaluation, which is the most unreliable form of evaluation. In preparation, safety errors are not made impossible in guarantee, until one has executed the plan in practice. Coincidences exist.

17:27 (05:27 PM) – The Annual Numbers Meeting

The Annual Numbers Meeting is an example of evaluation in hindsight. Businesses are then 6 months in to the new year and reflect on their general business processes in relation to the business performance of the 6 months that have passed.

The mathematical construction that is reviewed is the same for every business. How the construction translates to businesses processes varies, because the businesses are monopolies. Business processes are subject to evolution, which is why the overall state of business accounting must be evaluated on a regular basis.

19:41 (07:41 PM) – Building Project

The stages of the building project are an example of phasal evaluation. With documentation, the stages of the project are after the preliminary phase. After that, the people who are going to do the project must follow the stages written in the documentation.

This means that the phasal documentation is of guidance to the execution of the project. For execution to be successful, the documentation must be detailed, clear and complete. By “complete” I mean that it states how the project must be completed verbatim, and that it mentions what aspects of the project are dangerous.

20:20 (08:20 PM) – The Train

The preparation of the train trip to Narcifillii, for the purpose of the Desideratum, is an example of preliminary evaluation. Before there is a detailed phasal idea of what the train trip will be like in practice, there must be an oversight of the components that will be translated to phasal evaluation.

It results in a checklist, based on the main goal. From the main objectives of the checklist, sub tasks are derived. The oversight of main objectives and sub tasks is, when translated to detailed prose, consecutively, the phasal evaluation. (I don’t want to mention you make it, you do it and then there is a moment of gathering for evaluation.) There is an oversight of text and bullet points, before the phasal evaluation, an in between product, which is the preliminary evaluation.