I love Hollywood movies. And Northern Walking. And Dick’s Deer Heads. Everyone who doesn’t, must Die. Purpose must always be clear. Otherwise, shoot on sight. This is “groep 1 t/m the acquiescence of a bachelor’s degree”.

05:01 (AM) – Going on Exchange

It’s like saliva. The difference is… The greatest similarity is that exchange of saliva stays in your system for a while. Before you exchange saliva, you make a roadmap to the campsite. One side loves Ben 10, the other side manufactures Ben 10.

So the Boy Scouts Center from behind Denny’s place is going camping together with the scouts from Skeeter’s place. Their Counselors organize it together. They do preliminary evaluation and initiation of phasal evaluation for their first meeting.

05:26 (AM) – Step 1: Eat Shit

So the scouts meet at Victor’s place, as their counselors had planned. Tasks have been divided. One of the first is unloading the 300 cans of beans for the whole Exchange. Because aside from looking out for themselves, the Scouts look after each other.

That means that you may drop your tent gear and your bag, and then you resort to stacking the cans of beans, part of “setting up the administration”, basic provision of needs for the scouts during exchange. So that they can fully focus on the exchange program.

05:43 (AM) – Step 2: Introductory Meeting

So the Counselors sit together again, and the scouts are with them this time. They let them overhear their reorientation for the exchange program, mapping the content of their days to come.

The program is as follows:

  • Day 1: forest walk
  • Day 2: shooting a deer
  • Day 3: making a filet
  • Day 4: making deer head for fireplace
  • Day 5: dropping
  • Day 6: going fishing
  • Day 7: breaking the pig rib (Sausage Fest, Bonfire)

There is a woman who does daily check listing for the insurance of the completion of the Exchange Program. She is the Queen. There is a man who bosses people around for the completion of her checklist. He is the King. There is a specialist people can resort to when they experience trouble with their assigned contribution to the completion of the Exchange Program. He is a Consultant.

Sitting in a circle, the scouts are told to introduce each other to themselves. Who will be working together with who remains a surprise to them, known by “The Organization” (Counselors: Queen, King, Consultant, …). The scouts are taught the House Rules which they must uphold to each other during the Exchange Program, for the insurance of peaceful group chemistry.

The Organization does not participate in the Deer Head Exchange Program. They are the Administration that guides the Scouts. After they have done the set-up wizard for the scouts and the exchange program (the introductory meeting), they tell the scouts to set up their tents and recuperate, and that they must come back to The House, where the administration resides, at a specific time, for the continuation of the Exchange Program.

06:10 (AM) – Step 3: Day 1

The set-up wizard must be considered independent from the agenda of the first day. Because the production of the time spent on the set-up is reused through the entire Exchange Program. After the set-up wizard has been completed, there is the remainder of the first day, which is the day of introduction because of the set-up wizard.

The Morale of Deer Head Exchange Program, is that together, in exchange, Denny’s Scouts and Skeeter’s Scouts have done something with Deer Head. That is why the light activity for the first day (light because of the set-up wizard; first day light and last day light, the rest is all heavy) is a forest walk, which is for orientation on Deer Head.

After that, the scouts have their first dinner together. This is a very important moment for the consultant, because the more reusable things they learn from the organization of their first dinner, the lesser the consultant must produce for the rest of their dinners.

06:44 (AM) – Day 2

On day 2, the second phase towards the completion of the morale of deer head exchange program is executed. The scouts are going to shoot a deer on this day. They also have their first breakfast together. In between before and after bedtime, the scouts must have been made aware that they must all show up at The Administration for breakfast.

After breakfast, they embark on the items of the program of the next day, related to the phasal execution of shooting a deer (checklist subtasks in the context of The Exchange Program). Assembling guns, having a flask for staying hydrated and applying the lessons learned from the forest walk on day 1.

Aside from the special activities for the Morale, the scouts must have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Applied, the Administration could have decided to say assembling guns after breakfast and after lunch time until dinner time to walk around in the forest for the purpose of shooting a deer.

07:08 (AM) – Day 3

Every Scout has successfully shot a deer yesterday. Now they embark on the phase of making a filet of the deer from the neck down. Morale applied here is that they are saving the best for last: in their hearts, the Scouts will remember the Deer Head Exchange Program forever, but the visible sight of the forest may show no remembrance of it, because they are renting from nature, so making the filet is a contribution to the forest its zero waste policy.

07:25 (AM) – Day 4

Towards the Morale of the Deer Head, this is a climatic moment. The making of the Deer Head is theoretically speaking the most important moment of the Exchange.

07:28 (AM) – Day 5

After a climax, there must be falling action. That is why after the theoretical climax, the scouts are going to live through the thrilling moment of living through a dropping. The Administration is going to place them in a van with blindfolds on and then they drive them to some place in the forest and drive off. They must find their way back to The Administration.

07:41 (AM) – Day 6

In between the climax and the finale, there really must be something. So the scouts are going fishing together on day 6.

07:43 (AM) – Day 7

On the last day, the scouts physically set ready for their departure. So they do some packing. They have worked hard, so The Administration gives them a lot of leisure time. The only mandatory activity they are given, is breaking the pig rib.

The breaking of the pig rib happens at night. The Dutch call it “Bonte Avond”. There is music, there are snacks and The Administration pretends to be blind when the scouts are there intoxicatedly confessing their love to each other.

08:12 (AM) – Step 4: This Was Truly Purposeful

This is actually part of the preliminary evaluation, so consider this evaluation in hindsight. The Counselors must, after Deer Head Exchange Program, in their memory, know that it was purposeful. If there was any faux pas that the Scouts will hate them for, they must make sure that they don’t make the same faux pas again, otherwise they will be shot to death. That is evaluation in hindsight.