Sooner or later, capitalist consumerism under the Illuminati will be replaced by nouveau laissez-faire under the Nouveau Riche. There are some variables that must be subject to the scrutiny of the public, before this economic transition can take place.

01:30 (AM) – Market Mechanism

All economic behavior is summarized by the variable “x”. From there, more details about economic behavior are mathematical operations of that variable “x”. In the video I say more about the idea behind this mathematical model.

01:36 (AM) – Educational Institute

Because the capitalist consumerist economy is going to fall, I am founding an educational institute together with my husband (the Rockefeller), for information about the nouveau laissez-faire economy. It is our responsibility that the new economy is neatly accounted for. A necessary mathematical adjustment after the fall of the capitalist consumerist economy. In the video I say more about the purpose of our institute.

01:47 (AM) – Outlet Sale

I call it “Outlet Sale”, but in actuality it is an educational journey through Europe to archive some information from the capitalist consumerist economy while it is still accessible.

For our educational institute, named Quality Control, we will be taking from the European Commission in Brussels, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, the boutique shops in Venice, as well as the Germans for their craftsmanship. My husband will be taking me there, accompanied by the Technologicus of our institute (my father) and the Medicus of our institute (Geronimo).

Simultaneously, for personal development, the rest of the Nouveau Riche will be taking a bunch of university minors in the Netherlands. Eventually, we will meet each other in Magdeburg. In the video I say more about the purpose of this journey.